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Located centrally in Dalyan alongside the Dalyan River, Dalyan Resort and Dalyan Resort Spa hotels are two sister hotels next to each other with 100 rooms in total. Dalyan Resort has Special Category and Dalyan Resort Spa has the Boutique Hotel Certificate. Both hotels offer excellent choices to rest both your mind and body, perfect for relaxing and leaving the daily stresses behind. Bask in the comforts and luxury of this home away from home. Let the joy of the birds chirping in the trees wash over you and the colors of the gardens bring you back to a time when just the simple pleasures in life were all you sought...



Getting to know Dalyan Resort & Dalyan Resort Spa Hotels

Nestling on the banks of Calbis(Dalyan River), Dalyan Resort and Dalyan Resort Spa Hotels are the ideal setting for guests looking for quiet and unspoilt nature. Set across the river from the Ancient City of Caunos and the Rock Tombs, both hotels carry the traces of Lycian architecture. Framed by picturesque view of Lycian Rock Tombs, both hotels offer elegant choices of accommodation and splendid views.




The Iztuzu Beach, a natural beach with fine golden sand which varies between 5-6 kilometres depending on the shifts in wind and waves that shapes the dunes, draws the boundary between the Delta and the sea. Iztuzu and the Dalyan Gate is the magnificent final of Koycegiz-Dalyan ecosystem and the place where the Dalyan River meets the Mediterranean. The World's second beach which preserves its naturalness. On one side it has the delta's still, green and fresh water while on the other stretches the crystal-clear blue water of the Mediterranean. The Iztuzu beach that lies as if never touched before actually hosts a very busy life. It is one of the most important mating and egg-laying grounds of the sea turtles of the Caretta Caretta species on the Mediterranean coast.


All of the sea turtle species living throughout the world have been designated as "endangered" by the International Union for Conversation of Nature and Natural Resources(IUCN). Turkey is also among the countries that undertake to protect the sea turtles and their habitats. The arrangement of Iztuzu Beach so as to ensure the cohabitation of human beings and nature is a successful example of adherence to this undertaking and respect towards mother nature. In the Caretta Caretta's life cycle, each maturing generation returned to the beach it was born for reproduction. They mated in the shallow water of the beach they recognise. Thanks to a million-year genetic memory and buried their eggs into the nests they opened in the sand of the same beach.


Visitors coming to Dalyan for the first time fall under a sort of spell of enhancement when taking in the captivating and unforgettable sight of the six rock tombs carved into limestone cliffs on the other shore of the river. The monumental tombs that almost turn into a painting under the yellow light of the spotlights are like doors to antiquity, in which civilization was elevated with reason and artistic creation and opens into eternity by uniting death and immortality. In accordance with the grave culture of antiquity, people of Caunos were building such spectacular tombs for their kings, nobles and rich people, and they were burying corpses together with their valuable belongings.The Dalyan Rock Tombs forming the upper row are classified as "temple faced' tombs, since the fronts of them resemble temples and are dated back to the 4th. century BC.


Koycegiz Caunos lies on the right hand side of the Dalyan River (Calbis), which connects Koycegiz Lake to the Mediterranean Sea. It is situated on outskirts of Candir Village. Caunos was once an important port city but the development of Dalyan Delta meant that the area became silted up, leaving Caunos further from the sea. It is known that Caunos was an independent city and other cities like Psilis(in Sarigerme) and Sultaniye (by the Koycegiz Lake) and other small surrounding towns fell within the Caunos City boundaries. During the excavations, as well as many architectural monuments, many statues, monies, clay pots, ornaments, candle holders and other figurines were found.


Sultaniye is situated to the Southwest side of Koycegiz Lake, on the outskirts of Olemez Mountain. The spring consist of hot mineral water that contains radioactive elements and curative mud. A rarely found element, Radon, means Sultaniye Hot Spring is a thermal therapy center. The mineral water has a consistent temperature of 40 Celsius Degree making it curative and soothing for those who have rheumatism problems, joint calcification and muscle exhaustion. The clay mixed with the hot spring water and many minerals is so useful for softening the skin and cleaning. Mud Baths are approved by Turkish Ministry of Health.

Dalyan Resort & Dalyan Resort Spa Owner Yucel Okutur


Mugla Province is known as the most natural, historical and culturally rich of the whole of the Turkish Riviera. From the age of mythology up to the present, countless civilizations have lived amidst this natural beauty and it is not one of the Earth’s most important tourist destinations.

This is not a spot that is exclusive to summer tourism, the beautiful stories of Hellenistic mythology and so much valuable cultural heritage, this region appeals to holiday-makers in all four seasons.

The region is popular in the fields of health, culture, yachting, adventure, summer and spa tourism. Among other activities included are rafting along the Dalaman River, enjoying health and wellness at the age-old Dalyan Mud baths and Sultanate Thermal Springs, the world-class beaches and yachting stops of Sarsala and Sarigerme and historical wonderland of Caunos. Finally, the spectacular nature of Iztuzu Beach stuns tourists along with being the protected breeding grounds for the Caretta Caretta Loggerhead Turtles. A true natural wonder…



Civil Engineer Yucel OKUTUR, (Owner)



The heart of the Turkish Riviera, the heart of tourism along the Aegean. DOKTOB was established by touristic hoteliers and tourism business professionals in order to raise the tourism standards throughout the region.

Yucel OKUTUR, the owner of Dalyan Resort and Dalyan Resort Spa Hotels is also the President of DOKTOB(Dalaman-Ortaca-Koycegiz Association of Touristic Hoteliers and Tourism Operators).


DOKTOB operates primarily through Dalaman International Airport, promoting this region whose highlights include Dalyan, Ortaca, Koycegiz and Dalaman. Doktob is dedicated to ensuring businesses operating in the region operate to the highest standards and that the region receives the brand-name recognition that it deserves.

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